A New Direction

I am an experienced “Fellowship Recruiter” specialising in Headhunting, Hard to Fill Roles, Low Cost Recruitment, Recruitment Process Management, KPI’s, Talent Pipelines, Recruitment Law. I am now seeking client based recruitment roles – Looking to work for companies on the other side of a PSL.

Recruitment Manager / Interim Recruiter / Talent Manager / Recruitment Specialist

I am actively looking for roles working for companies as a Recruitment Specialist and to join a challenging recruitment environment within a corporate HR Team focusing on significant hiring cost reductions and direct recruitment.

I am available for either permanent or interim roles including

• Head of Recruitment
• Head of Talent
• In House Recruiter
• Interim Recruiter
• Recruiter FTC
• Recruitment & Employment Advisor
• Recruitment Advisor
• Recruitment Business Partner
• Recruitment Manager
• Recruitment Officer
• Recruitment Officer
• Resourcing Advisor
• Resourcing Manager
• Talent Acquisition
• Talent Partner
• Talent Specialist

My expertise includes:

• Hard To Fill Roles
• Head Hunting
• Talent Pipelines
• Recruitment KPI’s
• Recruitment Process Management
• Low Cost Hiring Strategies
• Recruitment Software
• Candidate Portals
• Compliance
• Recruitment law

In hopping the fence, I am looking to work on the other side of PSL’s.

Whilst seeking the right opportunities I am completing my Level 5 HR Management, Employment Law and a second Recruitment Qualification.

I am now available for hire on either a permanent or interim basis to help companies better manage their recruitment processes and costs.

In the 6 years I operated on a self-employed basis, my advertising spend is still below £1000 overall!

My true expertise lies in utilising recruitment headhunting to establish a better footing for companies in actively taking vacancies to the market and managing the interface between companies and potential candidates.

In ‘Actively Headhunting Potential Candidates’ the objective is to improve the overall impression and understanding candidate pool has around working for your business.

Whilst I have a strong manufacturing and technical background my focus is on managing the costs and time it takes to hire and retain new people for your business. Recruitment Process Management is applicable to any number of sectors. It should not take me more than a few weeks to grasp the details of a new sector.