Controlling Recruitment Costs

For many companies the direct cost of recruitment alone exceeds budgets and cost expectations. Often companies look to self recruit through both site management and human resource teams. In operating a higlhy fragmented and decentralised recruitment process companies often overlook the hidden costs of recruitment:

    • Lost Management Time
    • Application Management
    • Resourcing & Reviewing
    • Waiting For Advertised Responses
    • Advertising and Vacancy Management
    • Interview Bookings and Management
    • GDPR & Recruitment Complaince

The true costs of recruitment include both the actual fees and the cost of management time that is divided up in an ‘attempt to hire the best talent’ for the business. The reliance of managers to take this decison is often seen as the problem source and route of the issue. This IS Incorrect! Factually there is a specific need to maintain and build upon this reliance thriugh the on site daily management teams – it is of course busines critical. Logically to manage a significant part of the recruitment process through a single team, portal and individual brings significant savings and advantages:

    • CONSISTENCY – A Uniform Professional External Vision Of Your Recruitment Process Is Created
    • PROFESSIONALISM – A Uniform High Standard Of All Recruitment Communications Through Best Practice & Standardisation.
    • COMPLIANCE – With fewer people involved fewer GDPR and Audit Complaince errors occur
    • HIRE-TIME – Reductions In Hiring Time Can Be Quickly Delivered And Candidate Multiple Site Applications Add To Talent Pipelines
    • TAINTING – As A Centralised Team Is Detatched From The Daily Businmess Operations The Recruitment Team Will Not Get Tainted
    • NEGOTIATIONS – As Ther Will Be No Need To Negotiate Fees Through Each Hiring Manager There Is A Significant Time & Cost Saving
    • TOP-Drawing – All Candidates Are Available To All Managers Individuals Can Not Be ‘TOP-DRAWED’ Or Saved For A Rainy Day

HOWEVER – This still misses out on an even bigger area of true recruitment costs that are rarely measured by companies – Retention, the true driver of recruitment.Retention Management is key to maintaining reduced recruitment costs in every business. As a qualified recruiter working for clients as opposed to recruitment companies, there is little point in continuially recruiting for the same roles year on year. When a Recruitment Business Owner – I WAS More Interested In Clients That Continually Recruit The Same Roles annually – Why – Its Easy Money! 

So In working for your business focusing on reducing recruitment costs my focus areas will be:

    • Simplifiying The Recruitment Process
    • Centralising As Much Of Recruitment As Possible
    • Significantly Reducing The Recruitment Payload On Hiring Managers
    • Developing The Key Recruiters Skills In Your Business
    • Building A Specialised Internal Recruitment Function
    • Reviewing Your PSL / Recruitment Contracts To Reduce External Hiring Costs
    • Legal And GDPR Compliance
    • IT Systems & Candidate Portals
    • Internal Recruitment Software

If you would like to have an informal discussion with me about how to reduce your recruitment costs, Please email me directly or call me on 07815 627679.

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