Social Media Recruitment

I am currently studying a Recruitment & Social Media course through Oplex Careers. Once completed in July 2019 I will be in an excellent position to help you with recruiting and attracting new talent through integrating your recruitment processes with your social media platforms.

In 2015-2018 I owned and managed – A job board with 125,000 live vacancies across 11 integrations and over 1000 direct advertising clients. The success of this was specifically due to focusing on the growth of  ‘high level consistent quality business information’ advertised through social media.

I have grown an audience in 4 years of:

  • Facebook – 10,000 audience
  • LinkedIn – 25,000 audience
  • Google – 4,000 audience
  • Twitter – 5,000 audience
  • Business Web Site Visitors – +100,000 monthly (new)

So around a 150,000 monthly audience, with 65% being new visitors through the web site. The key was to use social media to drive traffic back to the corporate web site, and not to have a bigger social audience. As a recruiter – my focus is on getting people to ‘Click Apply Now’ Buttons’. 

Nothing is more important to me as a recruiter when using social media.

So following these simple strategies work well:

  • Get / insist that your  hiring managers to announce their vacancies across their professional networks
  • List vacancies on your corporate site, and announce them explaining why you think this is a good site and job to apply to.
  • Know when to announce which level of roles (Larger salaried roles towards the end of the week, Nothing Monday am, Lots around 1pm-4pm).
  • Monitor growth and tag changes in your audience alongside a map of announcements and social media strategy. In mapping both, you can soon answer ‘If I tweet this = I get this response’ mentality, and can then truly drive traffic.

Once qualified in July 2019 I will be available to assist your business with improved Social Media Recruitment. If you would like to have an informal discussion with me about Recruiting Through Social Media, Please email me directly or call me on 07815 627679.

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