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Recruitment Process Management

Need Help Managing Your Recruitment Process? From cost reductions to Building Talent Pools and assessing performance through Metrics & KPI’s, there are a number of areas I can help your company improve its recruitment processes with.

Managing a Recruitment Process is by no means easy when operating as a recruitment consultant. It will be significantly more complicated when recruiting for a client – Multiple sites, Multiple hiring managers, CV’s stored in various places, Random deals and so on.

As in manufacturing there are CCP’s within the recruitment process most need legal complaince, some need professional approval and even qualification.

Best Practice in recruitment has for a long time been the practice initially of the corporate HR function, then the recruitment industry, and now a trend to self recruiting through hiring a ‘Recruitment Manager’ directly.

Having an evenly balanced & qualified manufacturing and recruitment career I am well placed to deliver a professional respected and swift recruitment process for any company. This can include:

  • Internal Recruitment Process Design & Deployment
  • External Recruitment Process Design & Deployment
  • Career / Recruitment Web Sites & Platforms
  • Recruitment & Retention KPI’s & Metrics
  • Hiring Strategy
  • Talent Pooling
  • Reduced Time To Hire
  • Reductions In Costs
  • Stability & Continuity of your PSL
  • Performance Ranking Of Recruitment Suppliers

If you would like to have an informal discussion with me about Recruitment Process Management, Please email me directly julian@myjobhelp.co.uk or call me on 07815 627679.