Talent Management

I am currently studying a CPD course for Resourcing & Talent Management:

The Resourcing and Managing Talent Course is split into the following modules:

  • An Introduction to Resourcing and Talent Management

– What is resourcing
– What is talent management
– Strategy
– Operations

  • Information Regarding UK Employee Markets

– Market conditions
– UK employment market
– Attitudes to work

  • The Importance of Flexibility in the Workplace

– Increasing flexibility at work
– Functional flexibility
– Numerical flexibility
– Temporal flexibility

  • Recruitment Advertising

– Internal recruitment
– External recruitment
– Advertising
The use of social media

  • Equality and Diversity within the Workplace

– Tackling discrimination at work
– Discrimination law
– Promoting equality and diversity

  • Planning Human Resources

– Planning for HR
– Internal supply
– External supply

  • Job Analysis and Design.

– Job analysis
– Dealing with possible issues
– Job design
– Job sculpting

  • Employer Branding.

– Brands and brand management
– Defining employer branding
– Benefits

Once qualified in July 2019 I will be available to assist your business with improved Talent Management. If you would like to have an informal discussion with me about Talent Management, Please email me directly julian@myjobhelp.co.uk or call me on 07815 627679.


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